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EcoXpo 2014: 28-30 November at Prince Alfred Park

- Thousands of amazing sustainable products and services all in one location!

- See numerous eco living live presentations by eco-icons and celebrities, engage exhibitors and visitors alike

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EcoXpo is THE all-inclusive forum of sustainable companies and their customers interested in eco living. EcoXpo creates success and flourishing for our eco friendly companies and customers living green. EcoXpo is a gathering of hearts, minds and soul, embodied by a group of like-minded companies who display and sell their sustainable wares to discerning eco-conscious consumers.

Each company represented at the EcoXpo is a proud owner or user of an organic, natural and/or sustainable brand. Maximum exposure of these genuine green brands is necessary for success, and EcoXpo is the ideal platform for these brands sharing a common sustainable value to showcase the best in each industry.

EcoXpo is a unique experience, a fun and learning event, suitable for the whole family. Exhibitors participating adhere to certified organic, sustainable and good environmental practice and must act in accordance for entrance, to ensure they are genuine participators.

Are you interested in eco living? If you would like to live in a sustainable house and discover the latest eco friendly products and services, then EcoXpo is for you!

Free sustainable EcoXpo during the day Free event during the day; bring your friends, family and neighbors to Prince Alfred Park from 10AM-6PM. Enjoy some live music, delicious food, entertainments and taste, sample and discover thousands of green eco products and services from hundreds of green certified exhibitors.

Free eco movies on Friday and Saturday evening on our outdoor screen. Movies will start around 8PM until 10PM. There will be delicious natural, organic and gluten free food to tuck into. Enjoy the expo during the day and chill with us at night. More details about the movies closer to the date.
Free sustainable EcoXpo movies at night

Exhibit With Us
EcoXpo is the platform of choice to highlight and promote sustainable products & services of organisations of all shapes and sizes. EcoXpo 2014 Sydney runs from Saturday 29th until Sunday 30th of November 2014 at Prince Alfred Park, 105 Chalmers St, Surry Hills New South Wales 2010.


Your eco living weekend
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