About Us

EcoXpo is a free community event that is organized by Platyplus, pursuant to the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW). As part of its ‘not for profit’ objects, Platyplus assists in the education and protection of the environment, as well as sustainability in Australia and its territories.


EcoXpo is committed to promoting companies that are truly sustainable, environmentally aware, use natural and organic ingredients in their products. We aim to develop and maintain trust given our values of sustainable living.

Our office already runs on 100% accredited green power. Waste is minimized at the source: our correspondence with our partners is made through the Internet in order to minimize paper usage. Other measures include reusing the back of bills and other posted items as scrap paper. We favour public transport where possible to move around town.

From 2009-2013, EcoXpo has made every effort to reduce our CO2 emissions but we have gone one step further and partnered with Climate Friendly to offset our expo’s remaining emissions. Climate Friendly helps organisations, businesses and individuals prepare for the low carbon economy by calculating, reducing and offsetting their CO2 emissions. Their approach, tools and services ensure that clients can simply and cost-effectively mitigate their carbon footprint with carbon offsets from the highest quality projects.

In our case, we have offset 70 tonnes of CO2 for 2013 that covered for the Venue Electricity, our Accommodation when we visited Melbourne and Perth, our Delegate travel, Air Travel, Food, paper and waste. These offsets are from the Tamil Nadu Wind Turbine Project in India, a 45-turbine wind farm in the Erode and Dindigull districts, in Tamil Nadu. This project assists with the commercialisation of wind power from a primarily fossil-fuelled powered electricity grid. You can read more about it here: www.climatefriendly.com/Projects/Projects/Tamil_Nadu_45_Turbine_Wind_Project/

No matter how big or small your business is, you too can take steps to reduce your emissions. Learn how you can make a difference by visiting EcoXpo in your city.

We have also sponsored the planting of trees with our long term partner ‘Auria Forestry Project’ from Western Australia.. EcoXpo is a carbon neutral event.

EcoXpo Carbon Neutral Sustainability 2015

We believe that our collective small steps really add-up into making a positive difference to the world we live in, and the legacy we are about to give to our children.

EcoXpo Director Aymeric Maudous was born and raised among the lush vineyards in Bordeaux, France, before being driven to explore the glamorous and powerful worlds of brand marketing with Renault, Disney and Louis Vuitton. Today he is busy forging a deep connection in his adopted home, Australia.

Applying his Masters in Environmental Management, Aymeric began introducing Sydney-siders to more natural living through sustainable landscape design.

“I like seeing people change their habits and feel good about it. When I introduced people to rainwater tanks, more trees and growing their own veggies, I was rewarded with stories about the simple joys of seeing birds come into their gardens, how much better their food tasted and how much better they felt eating it… It inspired me to want to do more and more to reach people.”

This project encapsulates a philosophy of Wellbeing for all, where our thinking and actions create more ecologically viable communities, both locally and globally.

The sustainable excellence of EcoXpo’s product and service partners comes from Aymeric’s respect for noble materials and quality service and his drive to reduce eco-footprints to eco-fingerprints.

His indelible passion for the environment, demonstrated through the company’s outreach programs, arrived much earlier in life…he enjoyed picking the luscious fruits and vegetables on his grandparents’ organic farm, and growing a tiny plot all his own. No ‘lost’ ant, no snail with a broken shell or wounded bird was safe from little Aymeric’s nurturing care and observation.

His family instilled in him the integral French thinking “Leçon des Choses” – “Beauty resides in small things well done”… What better way to share his credo than through the EcoXpo?

“I remember my grandfather explaining to me the connection of everything on this Earth from the cows and chickens and land to the nearby forest and the rainwater he collected. The organic way of doing things is not reserved to an elite, especially when it comes to children. I want to inspire people to connect more with their natural environment by promoting truly sustainable businesses.”

Ameeta, Project Manager

EcoXpo Project Manager Ameeta Tandon understands all too well the overwhelming feelings of responsibility that come with being a new parent. As a mother of two boys she says health and wellbeing have always been important to her lifestyle.

“You want the best for your children and you need to lead by example, so that they learn from the beginning how to look after our environment”, she says. “I recycle where I can and buy organic, natural products when available. It doesn’t take much to reduce your carbon footprint but the benefits are huge.”

Ameeta was born in Allahabad in India’s Uttar Pradesh before settling in Sydney over 20 years ago. She majored in child development and family relations at university and brings a keen business mind to EcoXpo, having worked as an analyst in the financial sector for 15 years.

As an ardent yoga practitioner, Ameeta knows life requires balance “It’s about spending time with family and friends but also taking time out to nurture your own needs.”

Di, Sales Manager

Di Mifsud, our Sales Manager, says she enjoys the interaction of speaking with eco business owners who enjoy sharing their passion and knowledge with the rest of Australia. She says it gets even better when they say they want to showcase their business and products at our EcoXpo.

Di tries to stay fit by going for long walks on the beach and attending the gym. Her favourite class is yoga and says the meditation at the end of the class centres and relaxes her, which is vital in our busy world.

At home Di is a conscientious recycler and carefully watches the energy her family are using. She gets an enormous amount of enjoyment from her gardening, when she watches her vegetables and fruits grow from a tiny seedling.

Honey, Business Development Manager

Honey Sentosa has lived in her adopted country, Australia, for the past 15 years. Like most Australians, she adores the sun and the beach. As a child growing up in Indonesia, her parents ingrained in her, a deep respect for the “sacred four elements” in nature, namely earth, water, air and fire.

“I believe that we should all take part in looking after our environment no matter how small or big the part we take on, it is the cumulative actions that count”.

What other better assignment could she hope for when she joined the EcoXpo. Her role as a Business Development Manager is a natural progression in instilling an ethical and organic lifestyle to consumers, in the hope that the world will gradually eradicate toxic chemicals and materials from all levels of our food chain and environment.

Debra, Editorial Manager

Debra has a passion for the well being of her family and friends. Her interest in organics and a sustainable lifestyle comes from that objective, she has been researching and practising healthy habits, yoga and meditation for many years now. Over those years some vital health issues propelled Debra’s interest.

“Children are the Hope of the World” in the words of Deepak Chopra, Debra also believes that major change originates with the very young. What we know as adults started at soul beginnings.

Debra has been a stylist and consultant for more than 20 years, working in the Advertising and Events industry in Australia and Asia, with a broad international clientele. “I believe in a love for all things beautiful, tactile and very personal yet good for us and our planet, can translate into our everyday lives”.


At EcoXpo, socio-environmental responsibility is at the core of our thinking. This Eco philosophy has been at the center of this enterprise since our creation in 2009, through the complete involvement of its staff member and volunteers. As a local business with further reach than Sydney, we are committed to the local communities across the country and embrace our social responsibility in being part of the Australian corporate community. EcoXpo strives to build on the significant achievements of the organisation by committing to work with staff, suppliers, and partners to continuously improve our social and environmental performances.

EcoXpo will:

* Proactively strive to reduce the environmental impact of the various activities as a result of its activities, emphasising the need for reducing energy, water usage and waste.

* Commit to buying 100% Green Power right from its creation.

* Commit to offset all of its extra-emissions in investing in carbon credits from a trusted and verified third-party company.

* Comply with legislation that is relevant to its environmental impacts.

* Challenge current thinking in ways of resource recovery for our industry.

* Promote waste avoidance and develop resource recovery initiatives with staff, suppliers, partners and consumers.

* Develop an awareness program for staff, suppliers, partners to identify and quantify the environmental impact of their activities and ways to mitigate.

* Enhance/expand staff awareness program and encourage participation in community sponsored social and environmental initiatives.

* Encourage the promotion of green partners within our network of suppliers and partners.

* Create social opportunities that will benefit the industry and the community as a whole.

* Provide for recurrent assessment of our performance, the effectiveness of the overall sustainability program and a mechanism for adjusting targets going forward.

By acknowledging the role the EcoXpo plays in the Australian landscape through our environmental and social track record, while mindful of the limitations we can encounter in this industry, EcoXpo strives to be an environmental leader and a social ambassador in its industry worldwide.

Aymeric Maudous

Business Development Director

December 2010